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Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to announce that “23rd Congress on Thermal Science and Technology with International Participation (ULIBTK 2021)” will be held in Gaziantep, Turkey on September 8-10, 2021.


Turkish Thermal Science and Technology (TIBTD) Congress; It has been held for 44 years since 1977. It was decided to hold the congress internationally in Gaziantep between 8-10 September 2021. The use of the name of the congress as the "Thermal Science and Technology Congress (ULIBTK2021)" was preferred to preserve institutional memory.


Thermal Science and Technology Congresses have been successfully held nationally in the past years. 22th ULIBTK2019, it was done internationally in Kocaeli University. 23rd ULIBTK2021 will be held in cooperation with Gaziantep University and Turkish Thermal Science and Technology Association as an international and hybrid (onsite/online).


The main purpose of ULIBTK2021 is to bring together the academic scientists and researchers from all over the world to share the latest research results about innovative and advanced engineering applications in thermal science and technique. In this context, ULIBTK2021 will be a platform for researchers to share informations on topics related to heat science and technology. The congress will cover topics such as the formation, transformation and use of energy and its environmental effects. In addition, green and sustainable energy systems, improvement of energy efficiency, low-cost and environmentally friendly thermal systems will be discussed. The scope of the congress will include new and original research and development studies on thermal systems and applications of alternative energy technologies.


We invite you to present your scientific studies on the above-mentioned topics on 8-10 September 2021 at the Mavera Congress Center within Gaziantep University. The International 23rd Thermal Science and Technology Congresses with International Participation will be held as a hybrid (onsite/online). We will be honored by your participation in the 23rd Thermal Science and Technology Congress with International Participation.


Best regards


Prof. Dr. Recep YUMRUTAŞ                                                            Prof. Dr. Nuri YÜCEL

Congress Executive Committee Chairman                                 Turkish Society of Thermal Sciences and Technology

Mechanical Engineering Department                                          Mechanical Engineering Department 

Gaziantep University                                                                        Gazi University







Established in 1973, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and in 1974, the Gaziantep Engineering Faculty of which the medium of instruction is English are the basis of the University of Gaziantep. The Gaziantep Engineering Faculty was founded by the opening of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1974. Following this, in 1977, the Department of Food Engineering; in 1981, the Department of Civil Engineering; in 1982, the Department of Engineering Physics were established.


The University of Gaziantep became an independent state university on 27th June 1987. The Gaziantep Engineering Faculty and Gaziantep Vocational School of Higher Education in the body of Middle East Technical University (METU) was connected to the University of Gaziantep by the same law. In addition to them, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Education in Adiyaman, Vocational School of Higher Education in Kilis, Graduate Schools of Natural and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences and the State Conservatory of Turkish Music were established.


In the body of the University, in 1990, the Vocational School of Higher Education for Health Services attached to the Rectorship, in 1995, the Departments of Industrial Engineering and Textile Engineering attached to the Faculty of Engineering, in 1997, the Higher School of Physical Education and Sports, Gaziantep Higher School of Health, Yusuf Serefoglu Higher School of Health in Kilis, Vocational School of Higher Education in Besni and Vocational School of Higher Education in Nizip, in 1998, the Muallim Rifat Education Faculty in Kilis, and Vocational School of Higher Education in Gölbasi, in 2001, the Vocational School of Higher Education for Tourism and Hotel Management, in 2002, the Education Faculty in Gaziantep and Vocational School of Higher Education in Oguzeli, in 2003, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Kilis were founded.


Presently, education/instruction is maintained at eight faculties, three higher schools, a conservatory, eight vocational schools of higher education, three graduate schools and five service departments namely the Department of Physical Education and Sports, the Department of Turkish Language, the Higher School of Foreign Languages, the Department of Informatics and Department of Atatürk's Principles and the History of Turkish Renovation attached to the Rectorship to offer variety of courses in 107 major areas at undergraduate and graduate level.